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Once Upon a Pandemic...

There is no perfect time to write your own story, that is assuming one has one story only - it just happens that this one began during a pandemic. Does it make it unique? I am not sure, but does it make it challenging? Absolutely. 


Not long ago and definitely not in a faraway land, a corporate communication professional walks into... no wait, walks out of an office. 


Excited and optimistic. Nervous and anxious. I was leaving corporate life after spending 16+ years in Public Relations and Advertising.  


“A break to figure out what my next move in life is going to be” was my answer to the countless times I was asked “why”. But when the global pandemic hit, what started merely as “time-off”, soon turned into a journey of self-discovery.  


After intense analysis, multiple assessments and deep examination, there were two very clear findings; the first was that I love what I do, and the second was that I still want to do more. A lot more.  


It took me 16 years, a pandemic, and a very supportive husband to realize this,  but I finally found it. My calling. In a market where few big brands control the narrative, I want to give a voice to those who deserve it. I want to give more than a fighting chance to newcomers, entrepreneurs, and companies wanting to change the world.


I truly believe my clients have something remarkable to say about who they are, their purpose, and how they aspire to achieve it, and am passionate to be part of their success.


When I set up ContentLab, I did that because I care about the work I want to offer, and the kinds of organizations and clients I want to work with.  


And everyone lived happily ever after!

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